Mergex CEO steps down from day-to-day duties

New York: J.R. (Bob) DesLauriers, Mergex Chief Executive Officer for twenty-years, has stepped down citing health concerns.

Recognized as an early adopter of robotic platform architecture, and other trending related technologies, the Canadian High-Tech mover, shaker, whom many described as a modern-day renaissance man will be remembered for his role in developing growth pathways for emerging public-company tech firms.

As a venture capitalist, DesLauriers developed the concept of mini-conglomeration, merging similar small venture capital pools with public shell companies, for the purpose of attracting larger acquisition partners in a timely, effective way, reducing the lag-time between time-sensitive technical innovation and market exploitation.

The concept resulted in a pattern of growth for Nasdaq, and New York Stock Exchange participating member firms. Long-term contracts were forged early with no less than eighteen high-tech firms listed on prominent stock exchanges (see Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, Lotus Development, IBM, Ashton-Tate, Sperry, Digital Equipment Company etc.)

In the early days, DesLauriers' ventures were often among the listed exchanges highest volume movers, owing partially to the promotional nature of the ventures, a role DesLauriers relished, allocating resources from his television production company.

" You can convey a lot more success and emotion in a promotional video, than you can in an information circular " - DesLauriers has often been quoted as saying. "Securities and Exchange Commissions are a lot more careful than they use to be!" - an obvious comment directed at the increasingly difficult range of restrictive disclosure regulations.

Accomplishments include successful mergers and acquisitions with the following industries:

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

- Alberta, B.C., Michigan : Reverse takeover: Became Alberta Exchange 3rd Highest volume trader

Magnetic Media
Established worldwide manufacturing/distribution/export of floppy diskette media

Television Production
- Acquired Hollywood Studio from Jimmy Swaggart Evangelist, pioneered late-night infomercial industry
- Ran Commercials through Quality Records in Canada
- Promoted over 500 infomercials

Software Training
- Pioneered interactive CDROM/DVD development with Microsoft Office Group
- Canada's largest pre-packaged courseware producer - Colleges and universities curriculum designer
- At one time, software training products populated most public libraries in the United States of America
- Recognized by U.S. Congress for contribution to American computer education

Cellular Telephones
- Developed chain of cell-phone retailers in Canada, and merged with public company partner

- Developed most popular CNC workstation hold down system technology in the world
- Developed proprietary furniture manufacturing platform, and converted hundreds of factories around the world to modern robotic operations
- Developed General CNC and core companies
- Created over 1,000 new global startups

Application Software
- Developed Contact Management System
- Responsible for thousands of new software application development efforts
- Received first Corporate U.S. High-Tech export license from Washington D.C., to export to Asia

- Partnered with Robert Redford (Sundance) to distribute furniture line
- Partnered with retail giants such as Costco to distribute product internationally

- Established franchise operations with clients in the thousands, globally.
- Represented introduced IBM PC (5150) into Canada, established sole vendor authority for Federal Government Departments. Worked with 
Hassan Khosrowshahi to build IBM retail chain (Became Future Shop / sold to Best Buy)

Association Founder
- Founder of The Programmer's Guild - Canada's premiere liaison between North American Software Developers and Japanese/Asian hardware manufacturers
- Developed Alberta Health Care Industry Accounting Billing System under license

International Affairs Development
- Advisor and principal with Chinese Minister of Health, assisted in developing Hunan capitalist/socialist trade zone
- Involved in $20 Billion USD Chinese acquisition program to assist development of import/export to China free-trade zone 

Academic Contributions

- Developed core curriculum for MCSE, A+ Certification for College and University programs in Canada
- MBA circuit lecture tour participant


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